The MGSA is the student organization which specifically caters to the interests and needs of the graduate student population of UIC's Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS).

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for MSCS graduate students here at UIC. We seek to do this on a professional and social level. We act as a communication link between the MSCS Department, the University, and the MSCS graduate students. As such we seek to disseminate pertinent information to our members as we receive it.

Over the years, various events have been organized for the benefit of our members. A regular feature on our events calendar is the weekly teas where students, faculty, and staff can interact socially.

MGSA is an ever evolving for-the-students-by-the-students organization.

Student resources

Below are some resources for new and old graduate students. Please get in touch with us if you would like to add something to this.

Conference listings

Stay up-to-date with meetings of researchers in your interest area.

  • MathMeetings - Conferences, workshops, summer schools in all areas
  • COMS - General conference listing for all areas, by topic and location
  • Applied Topology - Specifically for conferences and workshops in applied topology

Electronic mailing lists (listservs)

Join mailing lists to hear about new conferences, talks, books, and general interest news.

UIC resources

  • How to run a seminar at UIC - A handy guide by a current grad student on the minutae of organizing regular meetings.
  • Book listing of all Illinois universities - Borrow books from any Illinois university, not just UIC or the UI system.
  • Access articles off campus - Append proxy.cc.uic.edu/login?url= before the URL of journal articles to see them when not on UIC's networks.